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Catalytic Converter


Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters
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Catalytic Converters

Catalytic ConvertersConverter Warehouse's Catalytic Converters are O.E. Type, Bolt-On, Direct Fit, with no welding or cutting needed thus making for a fast, clean and easy installation. Here at Converter Warehouse we stock over 1700 different applications of Direct Fit Catalytic Converters for most popular makes and models of cars and light trucks, import and domestic. We ship most orders same day and will have them delivered directly to your door, at low warehouse prices.

Catalytic ConvertersAll Catalytic Converters are 49 state legal and conform to EPA standards. They are Direct Fit with no cutting or welding. These converters can be easily installed, thus saving you big $$$ over repair shops and car dealers.

All Direct Fit and Universal Catalytic Converters are EPA Certified and Carry Factory Warranties up to 5 Years or 50,000 Miles! We also carry inventories for California vehicles that are CARB certified and conform to all emission laws for the state of California.

Converter Warehouse has been doing business on the Internet since 1998. We have complete coverages of NEW Direct Fit Bolt On Catalytic Converters, Universal Catalytic Converters and Direct Fit OE Type Oxygen Sensors with pricing that is more than competitive.  We also pride ourselves on Fast Shipping, orders are processed same day received and if placed before 2 pm. central time will be shipped that day!

What makes Converter Warehouse different from all others is, WE ARE CONVERTER EXPERTS AND WE KNOW CATS! We have a knowledgeable sales staff that can answer all your questions about catalytic converters, problems with your vehicles emission system, or if you just need help in understanding what's going on with your vehicle give us a call.  We talk in plain English and in some cases, after hearing your problem, may even advise you that a  new converter may not be needed.

On the Web today too many companies are interested in one thing only, SELLING YOU a Catalytic Converter....whether needed or not! Emission systems on todays vehicles are intricate and complex. Many times on a first inspection or code read the replacement of a catalytic converter may be indicated, but in reality another component of the emission system could possibly be causing the problem. If this is true replacing the converter is not going to fix the root problem and you could be faced with the reality of having replaced a part that was never needed in the first place.

Our philosophy has always been, why sell a converter if it is not going to solve the customers problem, it's bad business and definitely makes for a very dissatisfied customer. Many times we can help you diagnose your vehicles problem just by asking a few questions, we then may be able to advise you whether a new converter will fix the problem or not.  We will also tell you whether another issue might be evident or not, if the replacement of  a converter is not indicated WE WILL TELL YOU THAT TOO! So if you have questions or would just like to speak with people who knows cats, give us a call, no problem is too small!

We carry in stock, a huge inventory of Direct Fit Catalytic Converters and O.E. Type Oxygen Sensors for most makes and models of cars and light trucks, import and domestic. We can have them delivered directly to your door at Low Distributor Prices. Remember, even if we do not list the converter for your car call us anyway, we have other manufacturers and will make every effort to help you find the correct converter for your vehicle and at the best price!

Our Catalytic Converters are 49 state legal and conform to all EPA certifications. We also carry inventories for California vehicles that are CARB certified and conform to all emission laws for California.  Our Direct Fit cats are Bolt On and Require NO Cutting or Welding for installation.  Many come with the required Gaskets for installation. These Direct Fit Units are Easily Installed thus Saving you Big $$$ over Dealer Prices.

All of our Direct Fit or Universal Catalytic Converters Carry Factory Warranties up to 5 Years or 50,000 Miles!

Remember we also carry Direct Fit O.E.M. Type Oxygen Sensors!


Catalytic Converters
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Catalytic Converters
All Catalytic Converters are
Factory New!

Not Remanufactured!

Catalytic Converters are required, by law, on every motor vehicle operated in the United States after 1975.

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Catalytic Converters


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