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Catalytic Converter


Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters
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O2 Sensor

Factory OE Type Oxygen Sensors

Factory O.E. Type Oxygen Sensors

Converter Warehouse carries Walker Direct Fit O.E Type Oxygen Sensors.  These are exact replacements for most cars and light trucks, import and domestic with the factory clip to attach to vehicles datastream.


Walker Product's Oxygen Sensors are precision made for outstanding performance and manufactured to meet or exceed all manufacturers original equipment specifications and test requirements.

The function of the oxygen sensors are to determine the amount of free oxygen present in the vehicles exhaust gases. On OBDII vehicles there are two sensors, one in front of the converter called the pre-cat sensor and one behind the converter called the post-cat sensor.  On vehicles where there are multiple converters you will find multiple sensors. The amount of oxygen shown in a vehicles exhaust is a good indictor of the combustion efficiency and is also the best place to monitor the air fuel ratio.

Basically there are two types of after market oxygen sensors, Direct Fit and Universal Oxygen Sensors. The difference is, the Direct Fit Sensor has the matching OE connecting clip that mates the sensor with the vehicles wiring harness.  A Universal oxygen sensor has bare wires that must physically soldered into the wiring harness of the vehicle.  This requires the removal of the receiving clip on the vehicle so wires can be exposed  so they now may be joined with the universal sensor.  This connection cannot be taped or twisted must be soldered to negate any future problems.  Shown here are two examples of Direct Fit Sensors and below is an image of a universal oxygen sensor.

Universal sensors less expensive than their Direct Fit counter parts, but can cause you big headaches when installed.  O2 sensors operate in the milli volt range, so when reading the composition of the gasses they send information constantly to the vehicles on board computer.  If the data is skewed in any way or the voltage is out of range it will trigger a trouble code and a check engine light will come on.  Since universal sensors are spliced into the vehicles wiring stream, this many times will cause resistance at the splice point.  Converter Warehouse sells only Direct Fit oxygen sensors which use the factory clip connector to mate with the snap connector on the vehicle, thus eliminating any chance for the transmission of bad information!

If you are purchasing a new catalytic converter we strongly urge you taking a close look at the condition of the O2 sensors.  The primary reason for the failure of a catalytic converter is usually a bad O2 sensor.  If the O2 sensors on your vehicle are still original and a new cat is being installed...REPLACE THE SENSORS!  A bad O2 sensor can destroy your new catalytic converter in just weeks! The bad information it transmits causes the on board computer to adjust either a too rich or too lean fuel mixture, which in turn can create a melt down of the converters substrate or inner ceramic core.   Once this happens your new converter is toast!  The maximum life of most original equipment  O2 sensors is 60,000 miles.  If you would like to speak with us further about O2 Sensors or any other emission problem you may be having, please give us a call at 888-240-7088.

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Catalytic Converters
All Catalytic Converters are
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Catalytic Converters are required, by law, on every motor vehicle operated in the United States after 1975.

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